Release Notes

Version 2.3 Build

- Flightplan display corrected (Great circle routing between great waypoint distances / Intercontinental flights):
"Flightplan old/new" Flightplan old version                           Flightplan new version

- Error fix for current waypoint update (The error occurs only if a loaded flightplan is replaced by a new flightplan)
- Map can now be draged by mouse. P3D, FSX and X-Plane 64-bit can be moved to the new map position by softkey. This function is not available for FS9, FlightGear, and X-Plane 32-bit
- MinOnTop window will be placed to the nearest corner

Version 2.2 Build

- Automatic reactivation of the sound output of FSX and FS2004 after a focus change from simulator to FreeAirMap.
- New Zealand topo map support via LINZ server
- Joystickbutton support for non-softkeys
- several minor bugfixes

Version 2.2 Build

- Bug in window toggle procedure ("MIN ON TOP"-softkey) fixed.

Version 2.2 Build

- Improved chart load speed
- Support of ICAO-charts from Open Flightmaps
- Winddirection toggle between absolute and relative winddirection
- Improved cache-management
- some bug fixing

Version 2.1 Build

The following new features apply to all Free AirMap versions:

- Real-time rain radar maps
- Automatic real-time setting if rain radar maps are active
- Size of navigation symbols individually adjustable
- Softkey button functions can be triggered by joystick buttons
- FreeAirMap window in on top state can be minimized
- 3. info line for flightplan with speed and altitude
- Usage of default bitmap if OpenTopoMap does not supply a bitmap
- Extraction of missing bitmaps from bitmaps of lower resolution
- Display of flightplan info (ETE + distance) even if distance == 0
- Bug in Topo NZ chart corrected
- Redesigned installer with de-install capability

FS2004: Improved FS9Connect modul for FS2004

Prepar3D and FSX: Optional simple weather station based on real-time Metar messages

Version 2.0 Build

The following new features apply to all 4 Free AirMap versions:
- Support for Sentinel-2 data from Esa
- Support of topographical maps of
- Integration of a news service

Version 1.4 Build

Prepar3D v4: The AirMapP3Dv23Connect.dll is not compatible with the 64-bit version of Prepar3D. The Dll has been replaced now by the AirMapP3Dv4connect.dll.

FSX, P3D: If the AirMap window got the focus keyboard entries are not send to FSX and P3D. This has been fixed.

FlightGear: These fixes are not relevant for FlightGear