"Real-time rain radar map"

Rain radar

Free AirMap support real-time rain radar maps. The timeliness of the maps is subject to availability between 15 minutes and 1 - 2 hours. Since Prepar3D has no real-time weather simulation, FreeAirMap can simulate a simple weather station based on up-to-date metar data. This simulation synchronizes the time in the simulator with the time stamp of the metar data.

However, FreeAirMap's weather station is not a substitute for professional weather AddOn's, as only Prepar3D's capabilities for interpreting metadata are used. The weather station can also be used for FSX. For FS2004, X-Plane and FlightGear the station can not be used. These simulators contain their own real-time weather interface. When using the rain radar map always the current time is set to establish the best possible synchronization between the map and the simulated weather.

The rain radar maps are provided by "Rainviewer" (Lucky Apps). The availability of this service is beyond the control of Geminisoftware. Use is made without guarantee.