Prepar3D V3 support

Starting with build the FreeAirMap installer program has support for Prepar3D V3. If you installed from an older installer you can manually install the Prepar3D V3 support:

You have to add the following lines to the dll.xml file of P3D V3


The path must be set to your Airmap installation path. The dll.xml file can be found at C:\users\your user name\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v3
If there is no dll.xml file in this folder, you can copy this file from the corresponding Prepar3d v2 folder. To connect FreeAirMap with P3D v3 you have to use the P3DV2 softkey in FreeAirmap.

If FreeAirMap is used on a client-pc and Prepar3D v3 is installed at the server-pc side by side with an Prepar3D v2 installation, you have also to copy the Simconnect.xml file from the v2 folder (where you found the dll.xml file) to the v3 folder.

Do not forget to uncheck the 'Mute On Lost Focus' checkbox under Options / Settings /Sound in P3D